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Murat Yayla, Oluş Api

Fetal anatomical evaluation in the first trimester

Reem S. Abu-Rustum


Fetal anatomical evaluation in the first trimester. Perinatoloji Dergisi 2014;22(3):s6 DOI: 10.2399/prn.14.S001084

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Reem S. Abu-Rustum

  1. Center For Advanced Fetal CareNajah Center 1st FloorAasheer Al Dayeh StreetTripoli LB
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Reem S. Abu-Rustum, Center For Advanced Fetal CareNajah Center 1st FloorAasheer Al Dayeh StreetTripoli LB,

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Yayınlanma Tarihi: 01 Ekim 2014

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With the widening global availability of NIPT, we shall now gradually witness a shift in the primary modality of choice for screening for aneuploidy in the first trimester. Nonetheless, it is critical that we do not lose the NT window which has given us access to over 70% of fetuses at 11-13 weeks, a time during which complete fetal assessment is possible providing reassurance against over 75% of major fetal abnormalities. And with the technological advances, it is now possible to evaluate the fetus with much more clarity, inclusive of the fetal heart, keeping in mind that an increased NT is the highest risk factor that a fetus may have for underlying congenital heart disease. As such, the aim of this presentation is to address the basics of carrying out a full fetal anatomical assessment in the first trimester illustrating what can be visualized, the techniques for optimal evaluation, the ability to detect structural and cardiac fetal abnormalities, and to discuss the limitations at this point in gestation.
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